Sullivan County Victim Services

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior in a relationship that is used to gain power & control.  The types of abuse can include emotional, verbal, financial, physical, and sexual abuse.  All are serious.

all services are free and confidential

Sexual Assault

Sexual violence is used to violate an individuals trust, autonomy, and feeling of safety.  Sexual violence occurs any time a person is forced, coerced, or manipulated into unwanted sexual activity.

24-hour Emergency hotline

An advocate from Sullivan County Victim Services is available

24-hours a day. Individuals who call the hotline during office hours will be connected with a staff member. On weekends and after business hours, an answering service will receive your call and connect you to our on-call staff member.

The hotline number is 1-800-894-3706.


Advocates at Sullivan County Victim Services offer support and information to prepare clients for a variety of appointments or legal proceedings that may be necessary to attend as a result of crime. Advocates are able to provide medical and legal accompaniment. It can be very helpful having an advocate with you to explain the medical or legal process that you are going through.

Supportive Counseling

The counselor at Sullivan County Victim Services provides victims and significant others with supportive, non-therapeutic counseling. Supportive Counseling helps victims work through their feelings, fears, and anxieties that are the result of crime.

prevention education

Sullivan County Victim Services is available to provide prevention and educational programs to community groups, businesses, and students.  For more information on prevention education programs, please select the "community education" tab. 

protection orders

Advocates at Sullivan County Victim Services are able to assist victims of crime petition the court for the following protection orders: Protection from Abuse Orders, Sexual Violence Protection Orders, and Protection from Intimidation Orders. Specific criteria must be met to be eligible for each type of protection order.   

Support groups 

Advocates at Sullivan County Victim Services are able to facilitate support groups for individuals who have been the victims of crime.  The goal of group interaction is to create an environment where clients feel safe and comfortable sharing their experiences.  Participation in support groups can help empower and encourage victims to regain control of their lives.  SCVS offers support groups to individuals who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault at any age. 

Emergency Short-term shelter

Abused adults and their children fleeing a violent situation are able to seek shelter in our 24-hour short-term emergency shelter. If additional shelter is necessary, advocates will help the client find additional shelter in the county or in a shelter in a surrounding area.

crime victim compensation 

Advocates at Sullivan County Victim Services are able to assist clients who qualify apply for crime victim compensation. Victims may qualify for monetary funds to help compensate for items like lost wages, medical expenses, therapeutic counseling, crime scene clean up, and other crime related losses.

other crimes

Any type of crime should be taken seriously.  If you have been the victim of a crime, please contact our agency.  We can provide you information that will assist you in putting the pieces back together. 


Sullivan County Victim Services contracts with a Licensed Professional Counselor who is certified in trauma-focused, cognitive behavior therapy.  Therapy is available to adults and children.  


SCVS provides free and confidential services to 

victims of crime in

Sullivan County, Pennsylvania